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Frequently asked questions:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am looking for a high-quality clothing manufacturer. We brand from Australia and would like to see if we can work together to create our ready-to-wear collection. I would like to ask you some questions to help me understand if you would be suitable for my company and are able to produce the items i need.

  1. Are you currently taking new customers?

Yes, We’re always open to new customers.

    2. What is your minimum and maximum order quantity?

Our min. quantity is 250 pcs.(but have diferent options for start up)

    3. How much do samples cost and how long do they take to produce?

Our sample costs are 3x than production price. But if we receive orders, we can reduce this price from production price.

     4. What is the estimate price for bulk production including freight and what Is the lead time?

Bulk production time is generally 8 weeks, but it depends on the fabric lead time and other accessories, prints, etc.

      5. How long after creating samples can you create the garments?

After we receive the final sample approval, if our all accessories and fabric are in the house, our all garment ready time will be approx. 2 weeks.

      6. Do you supply materials, clothing tags? Do you have samples?

Yes, we can supply all materials. We have a showroom snd you can see the samples here.

      7. What are the payment terms?

Payment terms are changeable according to agreements between our clients and us.

      8. Do I just send you a photo of my design or do you require a tech pack?

If we receive the tech packs with measurement charts, it will help us and we can give prices quickly.

      9. What warranty do I have on the items? Is there terms and agreement in place?

We can prepare an agreement, of course.

      10. Do you provide your own in-house pattern maker? 


Frequently asked questions

  • The exact price calculation – it includes a sample, delivery, packaging.

  • The exact choice of color and type of fabric – in the development of each model clothes we focus on density, elasticity and composition of the tissue, which makes our products very high quality.

  • We monitor the status of the finished product: whether the thread, whether qualitatively sewn buttons truncated, is there any holes for the buttons.

  • We do branded packaging carefully, the same on all models are fixed labels and tags

  • Transparent bags with your brand or logo

  • Boxes made of cardboard, plastic, etc.

  • Packets with any drawings and inscriptions

  • Cords, tags, labels, etc.

  • Decorations for clothes of different types and kinds

  • Labels and stickers with your brand

  • You can choose the clothes on our catalog or to offer their designs.

  • You can choose the fabric and accessories from our existing range or express their wishes.

  • We can organize for you a trip to the shop to you personally convinced how the tailoring of products

  • At any stage of product manufacturing, you can control – our specialist will make a report on the readiness of the goods, as well as give you a photo report

  • Flexible system of discounts for large parties

  • We work with any volume of orders

  • The professionalism of our employees allows us to fulfill orders of any complexity

  • Here you can enjoy everything – from underwear to outerwear

  • Before sending the goods, our specialist will check the quality of everything, and only after that datst permission for packaging and transportation of products

  • Things that did not pass quality control will be returned to the factory

  • etc.

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